Help low-income children and families during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

Low-income children and families across the Greater Metropolitan Chicago are being significantly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus threatens low-income children and the organizations that serve them in extraordinary ways.

Your donation will support low-income children and their families, helping to support their basic needs during this time of crisis. Donate now using the button below:

About the Bright Promises COVID-19 Response Fund

It is critical that the most vulnerable children and families in our communities receive our support during the coming weeks and months. The Bright Promises COVID-19 Response Fund is a targeted, fast-action fund established to ensure children’s needs are met during the COVID-19 outbreak by getting funds to the neediest families as soon as possible.  Your donation will support low-income children and their families, helping to support their basic needs during this time of crisis.

As each of us takes steps to protect our own families, colleagues, and neighbors, let’s remember the low-income families who are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus. COVID-19 places low-income families under increased stress and puts children at significantly increased risk.  Hundreds of thousands of children and babies from low-income families in Metropolitan Chicago could face severe risks of hunger, homelessness, and other dangers as the virus spreads. We must act now to combat the immediate and long-term educational, economic, and health effects that low-income and their families are facing.

Please join us in supporting low-income children and their families across Metropolitan Chicago. We hope that you will consider a donation to ensure Chicago children and families receive the help they need during these uncertain and complex times.

How to Give

To Give Online:

To give online, click the button above or visit; select “COVID-19 Response Fund” from the dropdown menu.

To Give by Mail:

To donate by check, please note “COVID-19 Response Fund” on the check and make checks payable to Bright Promises Foundation. Please mail by US Postal Service to Bright Promises Foundation |  70 East Lake Street, Suite 1120 I Chicago, IL 60601.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will my donation support?

Your donation will help support the immediate basic needs of low-income children and families most impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak while also ensuring the nonprofit infrastructure necessary for the recovery effort remains strong, including mental health services, child abuse prevention, and trauma-informed care.

Will all of the money donated go to the community?

Yes. Other than a small credit card processing fee, 100% of all donations will go directly to support services and supplies for those in need.

What organizations will receive funds?

Bright Promises Foundation will distribute funds to current and past program partners with a proven track record or responding to the urgent, unmet needs of Chicago children and families. Bright Promises Foundation partners with many agencies serving the most vulnerable families, especially in this time of crisis. Because of these partnerships, we are positioned to allocate funds immediately to organizations serving homeless families, domestic violence and sexual abuse victims, refugees, and other under-served communities. A list of funded organizations will be published as soon as possible. Please check back for updates.

How does my organization apply to the Fund?

There is currently not an open application process for the Bright Promises COVID-19 Response Fund. If you are a current or past grantee of Bright Promises Foundation and you are interested in applying to the Fund, please contact Senior Program Officer Lauren Krieg at Please also continue to check back here for updates

Can I give from my donor advised fund?

Yes. Please recommend a grant through your donor advised fund sponsor to Bright Promises Foundation, with the stated purpose Bright Promises COVID-19 Response Fund and indicate who it is from.

What are the most current updates regarding the impacts of COVID-19 in Chicago?

Please visit the City of Chicago Department of Public Health website and the Center for Disease Control website for the most up-to-date information.