Please join us as we honor and celebrate Iris Krieg

Upon her retirement as the Executive Director of Bright Promises Foundation, a group of Iris’ dearest friends, family, and colleagues are launching the Iris Krieg Fund for Fairness, Access, Inclusion, and Resiliency (or the Iris Krieg F.A.I.R Fund).

Through this special fund, annual grants will be made in Iris’s name to support youth as they fight for social justice and equitable treatment for themselves and others.

Make your donation in Iris' honor and help us continue to work towards her vision of a fair, inclusive, and just society where children and youth are respected and valued.

About the Iris Krieg Fund for Fairness, Access, Inclusion, and Resiliency (the F.A.I.R. Fund)

Throughout her life and career in philanthropy, Iris has been committed to eliminating the barriers of social inequity, especially for children and youth. She has championed the idea that youth are change-makers and it is our responsibility as adults to pave the way for them.

This Fund created in Iris’s honor is a celebration of her impact and her lasting legacy. Grants will support youth as they work for social justice and equitable treatment for themselves and others, while developing their own leadership skills. Eligible organizations will be direct-service providers where youth are actively engaged and directly involved in social justice work.

Grants will support social justice programs rooted in the four core tenets of this fund: fairness, access, inclusion, and resiliency.

  1. Fairness - A society rooted in justice where all young people are treated as they deserve.
  2. Access - A society where all young people have equal and equitable opportunities and where any actual or potential barriers preventing equitable participation are removed.
  3. Inclusion - A society that eliminates all forms of exclusion and discrimination and seeks, develops, and values the talents of all young people.
  4. Resiliency - A society where young people are taught the skills to navigate life successfully and to thrive under any circumstances.

In 2022, grants will focus on the issues of reproductive health, youth mental health, disability inclusion, and addressing youth trauma through the arts.

Friends of Iris

Thank you to this special committee of Iris'  friends, family, and colleagues without whom this effort would not be possible.

Sunny Fischer, co-chair
Francia Harrington, co-chair

Marjorie Craig Benton
Shelley Davis
Tina Erickson
Gaylord Gieseke
Ed Hamburg
Stacey Poland Hamburg
Jim Hardy
Lauren Krieg
Marcena Love
K. Sujata
Gigi Pritzker

How to Apply

501c3 organizations serving youth in the Metropolitan Chicago Area where youth are actively engaged inworking for social justice and the equitable treatment for themselves and others are eligible to apply for the Iris Krieg F.A.I.R. Fund. To apply, read the guidelines and complete the application form.


Please contact Bright Promises Foundation Director of Development Katherine Dreher Korey at or 312-550-2775.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my donation support?

Your donation helps support Metropolitan Chicago children and youth as they fight for social justice and equitable treatment for themselves and others, while developing their own leadership skills and supporting their personal growth.

Will all of the money donated go towards helping youth?

Yes. Your donation will go directly to supporting programs that advance social justice and equality for Chicagoland children and youth.

What organizations will receive funds?

Bright Promises Foundation will select two organizations each year to receive grants of up to $20,000 in honor of Iris Krieg. Grants will support programs that engage youth to stand against discrimination of all kinds and promote equity for all. 

How can organizations apply to the Fund?

A simple, online letter of intent will be available each year in the spring. A limited number of organizations will be invited to submit a full proposal. Grants will be made in the fall.

If you know an organization that may be interested in applying to the Iris Krieg F.A.I.R. Fund, please contact Senior Program Officer Lauren Krieg at

Can I give to the Iris Krieg F.A.I.R. Fund from my foundation or donor advised fund?

Yes. Please recommend a grant through your foundation or donor advised fund to Bright Promises Foundation, EIN 36-2182047, with the stated purpose "Bright Promises Iris Krieg F.A.I.R. Fund" and indicate how you would like to be acknowledged.

About Bright Promises Foundation

Since 1869, Bright Promises Foundation has been creating better lives and brighter futures for Chicagoland children and youth by addressing children’s urgent, under-recognized needs.

Our mission is to create opportunities for all children and youth to reach their full promise and potential. Working with experts from diverse fields and backgrounds related to children’s services, Bright Promises identifies urgent issues impacting children and youth that are currently under-recognized and under-funded in Illinois, and then partners with community-based organizations to invest in creating and expanding programs that eliminate those barriers to children's health, wellness, and success.

Each year, our initiatives serve more than 10,000 children at 150+ program sites in 52 zip codes. In addition to directly supporting programs for children and youth, Bright Promises conducts rigorous program evaluation, supports collaborations among organizations, and broadly shares knowledge among service providers, other funders, and the general public to advance the issues we are working to address. 

Bright Promises Commitment to Anti-Racism & Social Justice

For more than 150 years, it has been our mission to create opportunities for every young person to reach their full promise and potential. This cannot be achieved when systemic injustice, inequity, disinvestment and racism deny opportunity and endanger children of color at every turn.

We acknowledge the grief and anger felt by BIPOC and ALAANA communities who are most hurt by inequity and the failures of our institutions to serve and protect all of us. We stand with those who are continuing to fight racism and seek social justice. 

In this historic moment, Bright Promises Foundation remains more committed than ever to building the more just and equitable society that our children deserve, where BIPOC children have the chance to not just survive, but to thrive. Through our partnerships with leading child-serving organizations, we pledge to continue to drive significant change by staying true to our vision for a stronger, safer Chicago where all children flourish.