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Bright Promises Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit supporting initiatives that are results-driven, sustainable, and demonstrably improve the lives of children. We work with individuals, foundations, agencies, community leaders, parents, caregivers, and experts to develop and deliver programs strategically designed to provide disadvantaged children with the foundation for a brighter future.

Past webinars

Trauma Informed Awareness Day Youth Takeover: Protests, Police Brutality, & How It's Affected Us

This podcast was created by Amira and Mohammed, two youth leaders on the Bright Promises Foundation Youth Council representing Arab American Action Network, as part of Trauma Informed Awareness Day 2023.

Confronting Racism: Healing Racial Trauma Through the Arts

During this one-hour webinar presented by Bright Promises Foundation, you will hear directly from experts in racial trauma about the role of the arts in supporting youth healing from racial trauma, and see first-hand examples of young people engaging in healing through the arts.  

Confronting Racism: Helping Youth Heal from Racism-Based Trauma through Empowerment and Activism

During this panel discussion, leading experts in the field of race-based trauma discuss how to recognize trauma caused by racism in children youth and how adults can help empower youth and support their healing.

Confronting Racism: What Youth Have to Say About Racial Trauma

This webinar about the impact of historical and community trauma features a panel of Chicago youth leaders sharing how racism has impacted their lives, and how they are confronting racism and promoting healing for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Confronting Racism: Causes and Strategies for Addressing Race Based Trauma in Children

Featuring a panel of leading experts in the field of race-based trauma, this webinar highlights how adults can help youth to exercise their own agency and to feel empowered, and how these actions can help support healing from racially based traumatic stress.