Bright Communities: Social Emotional Learning at Home

Tools for caregivers to support our youth and children in positive development with emotions, communications and relationships.

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The Bright Communities Resource Tools web site has been developed by a Bright Promises sponsored Community Action Planning (CAP) Leadership Cohort of five institutions leading in the area of Social Emotional Learning.  These lead CAP partners have recognized an important need to make SEL tools, training, and information more accessible to parents, caregivers, and professionals. While the lack is universal, there is an even stronger identified lack of sufficient qualified, accessible and tailored SEL services in Black, Latinx, and immigrant communities, which this web site intends to support.

Each leader of the 5-member cohort is with a different organization which provides programs, services, education and resources to families (and professionals) to support social/emotional and positive relationship development. The institutions vary from serving parents/caregivers, very young to older children, teens and youth, or community members more inclusively. While all organizations serve Chicago-based families, including those from lower socio-economic communities, others serve multiple counties or state-wide. Additional Bright Promises grantees participate through an expanded network.