Bright Communities: Social Emotional Learning at Home

Tools for caregivers to support our youth and children in positive development with emotions, communications and relationships.


The goal of this website is to invite, collect and ensure that SEL tools and resources are easily available, to be accessed from homes, classrooms, agencies, and community and faith organizations across Illinois.

Throughout this site, you will find resources– including educational resources, videos, articles, audio files, curricula, and more–in English and Spanish-that support SEL development and practice for children, youth, and adults. 

Our hope is that you can use this site again and again as a resource for and the children and youth in your life as you celebrate your authentic selves and navigate the many ways our emotions and relationship-building show up.  Please share the resources found here to expand and strengthen SEL development, positive relationships, and joy we will find together, in your families and communities.

This resource site is a formal collaboration between Bright Promises Foundation and its current and past community partners.

Increase self-awareness, compassion, and confidence

Reinforce positive behavior

Strengthening & maintaining healthy relationships

Resolving conflict

Encouraging children's ability to learn