Attitude of Gratitude - Improving Early Childhood Care and Education for Low-Income Families

December 11, 2023

EQUIP Early Childhood - Improving Early Childhood Care and Education for Low-Income Families                        


The EQUIP Early Childhood quality Improvement Program ensures access to high-quality early childhood education for children ages 0-5 across Chicagoland. In 2023-24, Bright Promises is partnering with 7 community organizations to implement sustainable quality improvements that promote a love of learning and healthy physical and mental development.

Nearly 3,000 children ages birth to five and their families are benefiting through the EQUIP grant initiative this year, with thousands more benefiting from the increased capacity and knowledge gained by our grantee partners.

Over the last decade, EQUIP has used an effective and impactful model of targeted support and ongoing evaluation that helped early childhood agencies implement and sustain critical quality improvements. As the early childhood sector evolves and the needs of children and families shift, Bright Promises is committed to remaining responsive to chidlren’s changing needs. Therefore, next year Bright Promises will employ our innovative process of convening leaders with different areas of expertise in fields related to children’s health and well-being for a series of moderated discussions to help us identify under-recognized and under-funded needs of Chicagoland children ages birth to five. Then, we will work with experts to develop a grant program to respond to these needs

Below is a summary of Bright Promises current partnerships and some of our grantee partner’s recent accomplishments. Bright Promises wishes to express our gratitude for all of our grantee partners. You are our reason for being, and it is an honor and privilege to be in partnership with you. We also wish to express our gratitude for our generous donors whose support fuels our mission. Thank you!

Cover image provided by A House in Austin