Bright Promises 2020 Awards Resource Guide - How to Support Children's Mental Health

September 15, 2020

Bright Promises 2020 Awards Resource Guide - How to Support Children's Mental Health

There are many overlapping issues that are compounded right now to cause stress and trauma to children and families. Many of these issues are on-going and pre-date the current situation, and have been exacerbated by everything currently happening in our city and our country. Some of these issues include COVID-19, the conditions around the current social justice movement, the spike in community violence this summer, and the return to school this fall.

How do we help children and youth understand and process current events in a healthy way?

How do we help young people find and use their voice and engage in a positive way?

How do we connect with resources and each other to support our kids?

As part of Bright Promises 2020 Awards, experts Norman Livingston Kerr, Director of the Office of Violence Reduction for the City of Chicago, Amanda Walsh, Director of Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership, and Dr. Liza Suarez, Co-Director of the Urban Youth Trauma Center, moderated by Ed Davies, Director of The Power of Fathers came together to discuss how each of us can help support children’s mental health during and beyond the current crisis.

In addition to viewing this expert panel discussion from night two of the Bright Promises 2020 Awards, use this resource guide to discover meaningful and actionable steps that you can take to support young people in your life and communities.

As we look towards the future, we need to recognize the current challenges children and families are facing as long-term issues that need long-term strategies. Bright Promises Foundation and our partners are committed to this work. We are helping families in the here and now, while also working to address these long-term issues that are impacting families even more now. Join us.

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