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May 2, 2019

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ABC7: Bright Promises Foundation to host 'Youth Fair' looking for volunteers, highlighting nonprofits geared towards helping children in Chicago

Chicago's Bright Promises Foundation is hosting a nonprofit fair this Saturday, where many local foundations will be looking for new volunteers.

Monday, May 27, 2019

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Looking to get more involved with volunteering this summer?

Chicago's Bright Promises Foundation is hosting a nonprofit fair this Saturday, where many local organizations will be looking for new volunteers.

The foundation's website mission states: "...Through research and discussion with leading children's experts, Bright Promises Foundation determines the most critical needs of children that are currently under-recognized and underfunded. Through innovative grant making and capacity-building program support, we continue to make long-lasting improvements to the lives of disadvantaged children in Illinois."

This year the foundation will celebrate its' 150th anniversary with a new program: Elevating Youth Voices.

The first event to kick off the program will be a fair held Saturday, June 1.

Bright Promises' Hosts Fair to Celebrate 150 Years of Service

This weekend, the 'Bright Promises Foundation' will celebrate 150 years of encouraging young people. NBC 5's Sabrina Santucci has the details on the group that will host a showcase featuring nearly two dozen Chicago-area youth groups.

(Published Wednesday, May 29, 2019)

Conversations with a Citizen Podcast


By Katherine Newman, Chicago Citizen Newspaper

"On June 1, Bright Promises will host the Elevating Youth Voices Nonprofit Fair at Columbia College’s Conaway Center... Youth leaders will educate the public and other civic leaders on how they are working to bring about positive change and tackling the most prevalent issues in their communities.

“We put out a call for proposals asking young people from across the city what they would do with $10,000 to improve their communities. Part of the way that they answered that question was through a series of videos where these young people give a snapshot story of how they would use the money to improve their community while sharing some of the work they are already doing,” said Korey.

The event is free and open to the public. Attendees will be able to explore interactive displays that have been created by the youth leaders and show how they would use $10,000 to create change in their communities.

There will also be performances from the young leaders including DJ sets, live podcasting, and original plays. In addition, those who attend the event will also be able to participate in a collaborative art project that celebrates the power young people can have when their voices are heard."

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