Promoting Resilience Program Partners Report Significant Impact

June 29, 2016

Beginning in 2012, Bright Promises awarded a multi-year grant to the Urban Youth Trauma Center (UYTC) at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Institute for Juvenile Research. 

The UYTC are experts in childhood trauma and our grant helped them create and conduct a “train the trainer” program to help bring trauma-informed services to agencies working with at-risk children. Over the course of the funding cycle, UYTC provided trauma-informed training at three partner agencies: Apna Ghar in Uptown, Habilitative Systems Inc. on the Westside, and the Ark of St. Sabina in Englewood. 

Recently, UYTC co-directors Jaleel Abdul-Adil, PhD and Liza Suarez, PhD gathered all of the partners who participated in the Bright Promises Promoting Resilience initiative to celebrate their achievements and share more about what they learned.

Not only did these impressive partner agencies apply what they learned to the specific programs for which they received trauma-informed training, they infused what they learned into all of their programs and at multiple sites. This helped to initiate a culture shift in their agency and allows them to provide better services to children and families in their communities. This is a great example of the magnification of Bright Promises initial, strategic investment. Congratulations to UYTC, Apna Ghar, Habilitative Systems Inc. and Ark of St. Sabina for your tireless work on behalf of at-risk children.

Here it straight from our partners!