Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis: How Social Emotional Learning Helps in Times of Stress

March 27, 2020

Tips for Families During the COVID-19 Crisis:

How Social Emotional Learning Helps in Times of Stress

Adults and children alike can become overly sensitive and reactive in times of heightened stress. Children may be confused with the information they are hearing, and unusual or poor behavior can result from this distress.

Modeling and promoting strong social emotional learning at home can help to mitigate the negative impacts of stress while promoting positive coping skills. Focusing on social emotional learning during times of crisis can help children and parents regain an improved sense of calm and certain aspects of control, improve parent-child communication, and increases safety and stability in the home

Self Regulation- It is important for adults to help children make sense of what they hear and understand on the news and from social media. Sharing accurate, age appropriate information to minimize anxiety and fear can help children feel calm and better equipped to deal with stress. 

Recognition of Feelings- Children may have strong, uncomfortable feelings around fear of becoming sick, or loved ones becoming ill. Relay that it is natural to feel unsure and nervous in these circumstances. Help children use language to express discomfort rather than acting out or internalizing their feelings.

Sense of Hope and Community- Try to follow usual routines, adding any protocol for safe practice. Routine helps us feel calm! 

How You Can Help Low-income Children during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus threatens low-income children, families, and the organizations that serve them in extraordinary ways. Hundreds of thousands of children and babies from low-income families in Metropolitan Chicago could face severe risks of hunger, homelessness, and other dangers as the virus spreads. We must act now to combat the immediate and long-term educational, economic, and health effects that low-income and their families are facing.

The Bright Promises COVID-19 Response Fund is a fast-action response fund created to support the immediate needs of low-income families while also providing a lifeline to the agencies serving low-income families to ensure that the organizations and infrastructure necessary for recovery remain intact. Please consider a donation to ensure low-income children and their families receive the help they need during these uncertain and complex times. Learn more and make a donation here.

Resources: Self Care and Social Emotional Learning during COVID-19 Outbreak

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