Introducing Lifetime Directors

May 23, 2023

Introducing Bright Promises First Lifetime Directors

Bright Promises is honored and delighted to welcome our inaugural Lifetime Directors - Paul Bodine, Shari Runner, and Jon N. Will.

Lifetime Directors are former Board members with exemplary service to Bright Promises Foundation who served for six or more years and made significant contributions to the organization. Lifetime Directors act as ambassadors for Bright Promises Foundation and its mission, fostering goodwill, building connections, and raising awareness. They also lend their expertise pro bono and/or serve on Ad Hoc committees to further the work of Bright Promises Foundation.

Welcome to our Lifetime Directors

Paul Bodine

Paul Bodine is a business consultant and architect. He served on the Bright Promises board for 21 years and is a Past President as well as a Legacy Council member. He received the President's Award in 2019 along with his wife Peggy. Paul was instrumental in the evolution of Bright Promises Foundation from the Illinois Humane Society and in crafting the framework for our innovative grantmaking approach, which addresses the urgent, underrecognized needs of children and youth, that we use today.

Shari Runner

Shari Runner also joined the Board in 2010 and served in a variety of leadership positions throughout her tenure including as Board President from 2012-2015 and Chair of the Board Development Committee until her retirement from the Board in 2022. Shari brought a large network and depth of knowledge about our focus grant work that helped shape Bright Promises policy and vision.

Jon N. Will

Like his father before him, Jon N. Will served on the board for many years with distinction. As a board member, he participated in the transition of the organization from Illinois Humane Society to Bright Promises Foundation, and he has been engaged and actively involved in advancing Bright Promises mission for many years, including as a Board President from 2016-2017 and Chair of the Board Development and Awards Committee. Jon continues to participate as a member of the Finance Committee and a very generous contributor to Bright Promises.