The 2015-2016 Early Childhood Education Quality Improvement Program was a success!

December 9, 2016
Early learners help each other learn to read at the Korean American Family Services childcare center, 2015-16 EQUIP grantees.

Bright Promises Early Childhood Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP) provides multi-year, capacity-building support to early childhood education agencies, helping them to work with the staff and families to create long-lasting, sustainable quality improvements that directly benefit low-income children. 

The early childhood centers we support must respond to a shifting array of needs and offer services that encompass entire families. With the number of demands put on child care centers, the ability to have funds marked for quality rather than "putting out fires" is important. EQUIP grants help to address this need for quality early childhood education.

In 2015-2016, 13 early childhood centers serving low-income communities received a grant to address the need for quality education and services for children up to five years old. Projects focused on art and music concepts, school readiness, parent engagement, language development, and effective classroom management.

There were some challenges related to staff turnover and to the state budget impasse in Illinois, which our grantees handled with care and professionalism. Developing comprehensive project schedules, remaining responsive to agency needs, and incorporating feedback throughout each project were the primary strategies utilized to overcome challenges. In addition, evaluation forms and pre- and post-test surveys were utilized to assess the efficacy of each project. 

We wish to congratulate each of our 2015-2016 EQUIP grantees and look forward to seeing how these critical quality improvements help our partner agencies to better serve more children in their communities.

Grantees Highlights: