West Monroe Partners with Bright Promises to #GiveKidsaChance

September 16, 2021

Golfing "Fore" Good with West Monroe

This summer, nearly 100 golfers came together for a day of fun and philanthropy at the 11th Annual West Monroe Charity Golf Outing at the Deerfield Golf Club. Bright Promises Foundation is incredibly grateful to have been selected as the beneficiary of this year's golf outing.

West Monroe is a technology consulting firm who, like Bright Promises, takes an undeniably different approach—from idea all the way to impact— and delivers real, tangible results. With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, West Monroe is committed to giving back and making a real, measurable difference in the the lives of Chicago children and youth.

These generous golfers raised over $27,000 for Chicago children and youth. Their donations will help ensure that all young people in Metropolitan Chicago, no matter their background, circumstance, or zip code have the opportunity to reach their full promise and potential.

Golfers prepare to tee-off at the 11th Annual West Monroe Charity Golf Outing

This year, Bright Promises launched the Healing, Leading, Changing program to help youth experiencing trauma caused by racism. Experiencing chronic race-based traumatic stress impacts the immediate and long-term physical and mental health of BIPOC youth, and their ability to succeed in school and life. Bright Promises is helping youth to children and youth who are oppressed by racism to develop coping skills, heal and become resilient.

Research also shows that an important aspect of healing from trauma caused by racism is to engage in empowerment through activism, as racism often causes helplessness, hopelessness, avoidance and fatigue. Helping youth to exercise their own agency and supporting youth to feel empowered to bring about equity are important and effective ways to both support healing from racially based traumatic stress and to give rise to the change we need as a society. 

100% of the funds raised by West Monroe will support Black, Indigenous, and Children of Color to help them heal, be empowered, and lead the effort to build a more just and equitable Chicago for everyone. Learn more about the Healing, Leading, Changing program.

Youth are our future,
and the children and youth that we serve are strong, adaptable, and enthusiastic, despite living through a global health crisis that has impacted nearly every part of their lives. Thanks to the support of generous donors like these, we know that these young people will be able to not only survive this crisis, but to thrive now and in the future.

Thank you West Monroe for helping to build the better, brighter future our children deserve!