Our Programs

We support programs that are results-driven, sustainable, and demonstrably improve the lives of children

We work with individuals, foundations, agencies, community leaders, parents, caregivers, and experts to develop and deliver programs that provide children with the basis for positive lives and brighter futures. 

Focused Funding

Our Focused Funding provides ongoing support and resources to programs that address a single, emerging issue, providing professionals with the tools they need to better serve at-risk children now and in the future.


The Early Childhood Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP) addresses the need for quality early childhood education, specifically for early childhood centers serving low-income communities.

Special Initiatives

As part of our Special Initiatives, we support new, cutting-edge programs to ensure that Illinois children are receiving the right opportunities to reach their maximum potential.

Please note that for our Focused Funding initiatives, the Bright Promises Foundation requires a Letter of Intent and then issues requests for proposals to select organizations. Bright Promises does not accept unsolicited proposals for Focused Funding support. Organizations applying for support through the EQUIP program may submit an application for consideration any time before the deadline.

Annual Awards

Each year, Bright Promises Foundation presents three annual awards to individuals in our communities who deeply embody our mission to create opportunities for every child to thrive:

The Champion for Children Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of a civic or community leader who demonstrates exceptional dedication to helping at-risk children and youth in Metropolitan Chicago in a volunteer  capacity, especially by supporting innovative programs and practices that are ahead of the curve, and whose commitment and belief in building a better future for Chicago kids is exemplary.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a professional in children's services who has made 15+ years of outstanding contributions to the welfare of low-income and at-risk children in Metropolitan Chicago and to advancing forward-thinking and innovative programs benefiting disadvantaged children and families.

The Elevating Youth Voices Award is given to an early or mid-career professional in children's services with less than 10 years of experience who is dedicated to empowering children and youth and amplifying youth voices in Metropolitan Chicago. The Elevating Youth Voices Award is accompanied by an honorarium of $5,000 to support the recipients ongoing professional development.

These awards are presented each year during a community celebration hosted by the Bright Promises Foundation Board of Directors. 
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