Partnering with cutting-edge programs to get results for our children.

Bright Promises Foundation places an emphasis on partnering with cutting-edge programs to take calculated risks to get results for our children. As part of our Special Initiatives, Bright Promises creates opportunities for young people who need assistance and support at a critical point in their lives.

Our Special Initiatives help to ensure that Illinois children are receiving the right opportunities to reach their maximum potential and that immediate needs are recognized and met with support from Bright Promises.

Current Initiatives

Prep to Succeed

Prep to Succeed is a pilot project that creates equal educational opportunities for inner-city students.

Prep to Succeed matches high-school students preparing for college entrance exams with tutors to ensure that each student is prepared and ready to take their exams. Recently, Prep to Succeed completed its inaugural semester of ACT tutoring.

Twelve students from the southwest side of Chicago participated in the ten-week program, meeting with their tutor each Saturday morning. The scores demonstrated substantial improvement, with the average student’s score increasing 2.625 points

Prep to Succeed has plans to expand its services to more students.

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