Social Emotional Learning at Home Grants Announced

June 30, 2016

Bright Promises is thrilled to announce our newest grantees who will be participating in the recently launched Focused Funding initiative "Social Emotional Learning at Home: Helping Parents/Caregivers to Intentionally Teach Social-Emotional Skills to Children."

The goal of this initiative is to help train parents to prevent developmental delays and other risk factors and to promote positive growth in children by intentionally teaching non-cognitive skills like healthy stress management, positive self-esteem, and conflict resolution.  

Working with parents establishes a model of early intervention to initiate a positive development trajectory for at-risk children.  As a result children will be more able to: (1) Develop self-awareness and self- management skills which will help them to achieve school and life success; (2) Use social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships; and (3) Demonstrate decision-making skills and responsible behaviors in home, school, and community contexts.

Bright Promises is proud to announce our support of Chicago Youth CentersEnlace, and the Changing Children's World Foundation.

Chicago Youth Centers' program will adapt  the "Parenting with a Purpose" curriculum for children aged 6-12. The overarching goal of this project is to teach families to cultivate anti-violence in their children and communities. This program serves 66 disadvantaged children in the South Shore neighborhood.

Enlace will infuse Social Emotional Learning into existing parent programming at all Chicago Public Schools in the Little Village neighborhood, serving 200 low-income children and their families.

Changing Children's World Foundation will provide peer-facilitated, community-based programs that encourage Social Emotional Learning competencies in parents so that they support children's learning, self-regulation and value development. This program will occur at 5 sites serving 300 low-income children living in  South Chicago, Englewood, South Shore, Auburn Gresham and Austin.